On Line Shop

Description of an online purchase procedure

To be able to shop from our online store, you must first read the terms and conditions of the site.


IMPORTANT! If you have a Discount Voucher you need to contact us using your chosen method:
-By direct call to mobile phone: +359883 33 60 50
- QUICK ORDER - enter only your name and phone number in the QUICK ORDER field below the product of your choice and receive a call back from our diamond experts.
-Directly through our Facebook page here: FACEBOOK MESSENGER

After contacting us and providing the number or name of your Discount Voucher, our online staff will guide you on how to purchase the selected product online at a discount.

To purchase products from the site you do not have to register in advance.

If you like an item and you decide to buy it, you have to click on the "add to cart" button. The type and number of items will be displayed in the Electronic Cart module and you can change the number of items selected or remove the item.

After selecting "Completing the order" a page with the following data will be displayed:

          - Your data - a physical or legal person

          - Payment method - Three types of payment are provided

                    - By bank transfer - the bank accounts of Altinbas Bulgaria will be displayed, where you can transfer the value of the items you have selected;

                    - With debit or credit card - a virtual POS terminal of BORICA will be displayed;

                    - Charge - the opportunity to pay the goods when delivering by courier to an address you specify;

                    - In place, at the addresses of the offices and shops of Altinbas Bulgaria.

          - Shipping by choosing where the purchase will be delivered to the address you specify or you will want to pick it from the address of one of Altinbas Bulgaria's offices or stores.

          - Billing - if you want an invoice to be issued for your purchase.

          - Additional information - A field in which you can fill in any information related to the products requested - To be packed, to be delivered at a specified time, etc.


The next step is to agree and accept the terms of use of the site.

If you wish you can write a comment about the order.

After receiving confirmations of the order, our representative will contact you and will specify all details related to your order.



The prices listed in the site are in US dollars or euros.

You can add unlimited products from the same currency.

If you choose to add goods in two different currencies to your cart, you will be asked to complete your order and then make a new order in another currency.