Premium Double 2020

New Premium Double 2020 Corporate Client  Program by Altinbas Diamond.





Use your discount card with 4 easy steps:

- As soon as you select a piece of jewelry from the Altinbas product catalog and add it / them to the "Cart" module, you will see a message in the drop-down panel "You can apply your personal code from your card when completing the order."
- Fill in all the necessary data for making an electronic purchase through the Altinbas website, which comply with the requirements of European and Bulgarian legislation.
- Fill in your personal code in the field provided and click the "Apply" button.
- If the correct personal code is entered, the site will automatically provide you with information that the code has been applied and new messages will appear in the explanatory text in the black window, indicating:
- the real price of the product
- price with a discount of 20%
- price in Bulgarian levs
Then you can complete the order.
In case you enter the wrong code, the site will display the message "This code does not exist" or "Your personal code has expired".
In this case, you can choose to enter the correct code or continue with the purchase, and in the second case, the 20% discount will not be applied.




For more information:

The full brochure of Premium Double 2020 can be downloaded from here:


Let's shine with success!