Diamond Certificate

The value of your jewels ...


- The bigger the diamond, the less it is rare;
- The brighter the color of the diamond, the more valuable it is;
- The more transparent the diamond is, the more beautiful it is;
- The glitter of the diamond is due to grinding;
- The Altinbas certificate is the guarantee of your diamond.


The weight of the diamond is always indicated in carats. The formula for the weight is 1 ct. = 200 mg. = 0.2 g. One carriage is divided by 100 equal points. For example, half a carat is equal to 50 points and is written at 0.50 ct.


The diamonds are divided into 20 different color ranges. Diamonds most often have white to yellow color. These basic colors are based on the scale in which they are denoted by slang letters from D to Z.
The color is determined by an experienced specialist in a laboratory under special conditions.


Each diamond is unique. Since the creation of the world, nature has also left traces in diamonds. These are natural inclusions of varying size, composition, number and location that determine the purity and luster of the diamond.
The less they are, the more valuable the diamond is.

5. CUT

Cutting is the most important factor for the glow of the diamond. This is the only characteristic that is created and depends on the human hand. A perfect cut, with the right odds, is the brilliance of the diamond.